About cookies

A cookie is a file that may be added to your computer when you visit a website and that contains information about you :

  • the name of the server the cookie was sent from
  • a unique ID
  • the lifetime of the cookie (if used)

This information is stored in a text file on your computer so that the server can read and modify it.

Our use of cookies

La Française Investment Solutions uses cookies on its websites for the following purposes :

  • propose personalized content based on the user's profile ;
  • facilitate information sharing (especially on social networks) ;
  • allow an authenticated and/or secure connection to specific websites such as and extranets ;
  • store connection profiles for visitor convenience and more generally to optimize website load and display times ;
  • collect statistical information.

How to delete or modify cookies

You can update your settings and choose to modify, delete or forbid the use of cookies : FirefoxChromeInternet ExplorerOpera.