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Please send a marketing presentation, resumes, monthly report if any and your track record (Excel format) to sourcing@newalpha.net
Please add sourcing@newalpha.net to your monthly distribution list.

The analysis of your application is part of a due diligence process on your company and the funds you manage. It may take several months until it is totally completed. By providing us with information and documents, you acknowledge being beforehand informed of the New Alpha Asset Management’s investment process and submitting your application to this due diligence. You also agree that the achievement of the investment is not guaranteed, regardless of the duration and progress of our discussion.

When analyzing a project, NewAlpha Asset Management may make recommendations to improve the quality of the application. The implementation of these suggestions should not be considered as a guarantee of success. Costs incurred to implement these advices will be totally borne by the candidate investment manager.

In the specific context of the Emergence fund, in which NewAlpha Asset Management is the delegated manager of the compartments “Performance Absolue” and “Actions”, any investment decision must be approved by an investment committee where NewAlpha Asset Management proposes the most relevant fund applications.

You acknowledge that you will not present your application to anyone as a granted investment, whatever is the state of advancement of the due diligence process.

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